Two days until Rwanda

We’re two days away.

Supplies are packed, itineraries are finalized and emails are flying as we nail down final details. There’s excitement and a touch of apprehension in the air. The truth is, despite months upon months of painstaking planning, we’re not exactly sure what we’ll come across in Rwanda. What we do know is this: we’re visiting four hospitals in Kigali, Rwanda to help them decide how to deliver health care better.

Dr. Reames and Jim GebhartWhy are a bunch of people from Oklahoma City visiting Rwanda? We’re getting that question a lot, and the answer is because we are Sister Cities. Here’s Dr. Mike E. O’Neal, president emeritus of Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City and chairman of the board at Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, to explain how that relationship got its start.

{pictured right: Dr. Jeff Reames (left) and Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City President Jim Gebhart worked with Dr. Mike O’Neal and John Nkuranga for months planning the trip.}

We’ll be updating this blog as our trip progresses, so bookmark us and share with your friends. And get to know us a little better by flipping through the Mercy 4 Ubuzima Team Bios Book.

Talk to you soon!


8 thoughts on “Two days until Rwanda

  1. I’m so excited for the team and the people of Kigali! Be safe and have a wonderful trip! Wish I could be there – will keep you in my prayers.

  2. What an amazing opportunity for both Rwanda and Mercy. Safe travels to you all. I look forward to the many updates to come.

  3. How exciting!! What a wonderful opportunity to expand this wonderful health care ministry!! I hope everyone has a safe trip and lots of fun in the process!!!!

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