Blessings and goodbyes

The Sisters of Mercy and the pastoral services team put on a beautiful blessing for the Mercy 4 Ubuzima team this morning. We loved this blessing that Sister Rose read:

Blessed are You, Lord our God, for You have created a wide and wonderful world in which we can travel. We ask Your blessing upon these co-workers going to Rwanda as they are about to leave on this journey. May You, O Holy Guide of Travelers, be their ever-near companion, spreading the road before them with beauty and adventure. Free that road from harm and evil, and send as their escorts Your Holy Spirit, Your angelic messengers, who accompanied the holy ones of days past.

On this journey, may they take with them, as part of their traveling equipment, a heart wrapped in wonder with which to rejoice in all they shall meet. Along with that clothing of wonder, may they have room in their luggage for a mystic map. With the aid of this map, may they read the invisible meanings of the events of this journey — of possible disappointments and delays, of possible breakdowns and rainy day troubles. Always awake to Your Sacred Presence and to Your divine compassionate love, may they see in all that happens, in the beautiful and the bad, the mystery of Your holy plan.

May the blessing of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit be upon you throughout this trip; may it shield you from all harm and bring you home again in safety and in peace.


pam reading prayer at blessing

M4U team member Pam reads a prayer at today’s blessing.

fr nevin at blessing

Father Marvin Leven gave advice and blessed the M4U team.

jess receive cross

M4U team member Jessica receives a hand-carved cross, blessed by Fr. Leven.

cross in hand

A close-up of the crosses the M4U team members received at the blessing. The team will carry the crosses with them during their time in Rwanda.

m4u group at blessing

Part of the M4U team: (L to R) Laurie, John, Jessica, Pam, Robin, Rachel and Jim.


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