En route

Right now, some of us are on the way to Chicago O’Hare. Others are departing for Rwanda via Brussels. We’re scattered, but will see each other in about a day and a half in Kigali.

M4U team members Reagan (left) and Jessica are filling up on caffeine and technology before the 13-hour flight to Doha, Qatar. Then, on to Kigali.



5 thoughts on “En route

  1. I received this from Laurie at about 2:30 Saturday morning. — Tommy. This is Laurie. Im using Jeff Reames phone who I am traveling with. Need prayers please. Half our team is stuck in Chicago (the ones who are going through Qatar). They aren’t scheduled to get to Rwanda now until Monday night. This really hampers our work with the hospitals as we dont have enough people to do all the hosp. plus they have all the supplies. Please put the word out for prayers.

  2. This is very exciting! I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures and reading your posts. Blessings to all of you in your travels, and please be careful and come home safe and sound!

  3. The first part of the team has arrived in Rwanda! We are getting settled in to our hotel and praying for the rest of our team to get here – some who will arrive tomorrow and some Monday! Safe travels and Godspeed fellow team members!

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