Meeting the president of Rwanda

Today we had the extreme honor of meeting with the president of Rwanda, President Kagame. Dr. O’Neal introduced our Mercy team and Jim Gebhart told him about our work, our goals and our experience so far.

President Kagame said he appreciated our help.

“It is no small thing,” he said. “We appreciate all you’re doing. You’re helping us by seeing where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to be.”

We presented him with a miniature “End of the Trail” statue representing Oklahoma’s role in the Trail of Tears. He was also excited to receive an Oklahoma City Thunder polo shirt from our group. “That’s my team!” he said when he received it.

When we walked outside, media were waiting to hear about our work. Jim interviewed with a group of reporters. We’re excited to see him on Rwandan TV and in newspapers here.

President Kagame was so friendly and it was amazing to have that time with him. Here are a few photos from today’s visit.


M4U team coordinator Reagan shakes President Kagame’s hand after our meeting.


President Kagame was excited to receive an Oklahoma City Thunder polo from our team.


Jim did a great job answering the national media questions about our experiences in Rwanda.


Dr. Mike O’Neal (center), chairman emeritus and Mercy Hospital board chairman, has been instrumental in connecting Mercy with the Rwandan President.


M4U team members Jamie, Robin and Tom wait to meet the President.


M4U team members Cathy and Cindy wait to meet the President.


M4U team members Dr. Goss and Susan Goss wait to meet the President.

5 thoughts on “Meeting the president of Rwanda

  1. Good job !
    thank you so much for thinking about my motherland . Am a rwandan medical student on holidays who got to know M4U from the media I really appreciated your contribution to my community , will patients be involved as well ? If yes I’d love to volunteer and translate for you in case you need it as I have enjoyed translating for foreign doctors on wards or consultation rooms when i am at school. I am free for 2 months from now.
    Wish you the best !

    • Thank you! We are in Kigali only until tomorrow, but hope to be back. Please send us your email address and when we start planning for a potential follow-up trip, we’ll reach out to you. Thanks again! We love your motherland.

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