Reflections: Jamie Campbell, RN

Reflections: Jamie Campbell, RN

“It was my second day at Muhima Hospital and I was sitting with April, the HRH nurse midwife, doing a chart review. April was helping me because most of the chart was written in French and needed to be translated. As we were talking she looked me in the eye and said, “I know sometimes our workers seem unmotivated, but please understand they come to work hungry. Sometimes they have not had a meal for a day or two and they are hypoglycemic.” This forever changed my heart and in that moment I realized just how lucky we are to have what we have. I know there have been times when I have been working and I have been hungry. But this was not because of lack of food, I was simply too busy to stop. We need to remember to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Africa and do all we can to help this amazing culture of people.” — Jamie Campbell, RN, Mercy 4 Ubuzima team nurse

Rwanda Military Hospital

(L to R) Dr. Jeff Reames, Jessica Williams, Trisha Ponds, RN, and Bill Peterson visited Rwanda Military Hospital in Kigali.


Rwanda Military Hospital is a 350-bed hospital that provides the general public and military personnel with general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, emergency medicine, medical imaging (they’re completing a building ready to house a 64-slice CT scanner), orthopedics, intensive care radiology and Prepex. The Prepex Center is probably the most unique aspect of this hospital. The Prepex Center focuses on circumcision of male youth and some adults to improve the reproductive health of men in Rwanda. Leaders at Rwanda Military Hospital want to be the best quality tertiary care provision in the country, providing quality health for the general public, security personnel and high government officials in the country and beyond. Rwanda Military Hospital also works with HRH, who has a nurse mentor from the U.S. focused on development of the hospital’s intensive care unit. The team reported the hospital has made huge strides in its intensive care facilities, equipment and practices. The hospital has many areas under construction and the team sees opportunities to offer input during construction that will provide the best possible facility for quality care.

Here are some photos we took during our time at Rwanda Military Hospital. We hope you enjoy!



Reflections: Jim Gebhart

Reflections: Jim Gebhart

“[My favorite experience] was seeing the Mercy leaders engaged with the Rwandan health leaders, showing what I already knew, that Mercy co-workers are special folks! As we gathered each evening to debrief, I saw the passion in our team members’ eyes and voices as they shared updates.” — Jim Gebhart, Mercy 4 Ubuzima visionary and team administrator

Muhima Hospital

(L to R) Jamie Campbell, RN, Reagan Hightower, RN, Muhima CNO Bosco, Eric Pianalto, Pam Spanbauer, RN, Dr. Don Rahhal and HRH Nurse Mentor April, RN, spent time together at Muhima Hospital in Kigali.Image

Muhima is a 128-bed hospital specializing in gynecology and neonatology. There were 7,900 deliveries in 2012. This hospital oversees eight functional health centers, a clinic specializing in HIV and lab testing and one clinic at the central prison in Kigali. There are an additional two health centers scheduled to open summer 2013. Muhima is the training site for all medical schools and schools of nursing and midwifery and in Rwanda. Human Resources for Health Program, a health care training program through the Rwanda Ministry of Health, is involved in the training and curriculum and has one midwife from the U.S. who is mentoring students at Muhima. The Mercy 4 Ubuzima  team was quick to notice the passion Muhima’s staff has for caring for the women and babies at Muhima. The biggest challenge seemed to be the volume of patients considering the number of staff. The team is looking forward to helping Muhima leadership find staffing and education solutions, in addition to other improvements.

We hope you enjoy these photos we snapped at Muhima!


Reflections: Pam Spanbauer, RN

Reflections: Pam Spanbauer, RN

“My most memorable experience was seeing their passion in the neonatal unit. They cared for very ill neonates without having basic equipment that we take for granted. They do have IV pumps, respiratory equipment or in wall oxygen, but still provided the best care they could.” — Pam Spanbauer, RN, Mercy 4 Ubuzima administrator

Kacyiru Police Hospital

(L to R) Laurie Weathers, Cindy Carmichael, Cathy Dirickson, RN, Dr. Adam Cotton and Eric Pianalto visited Kacyiru Police Hospital in Kigali.

The Kacyiru Police Hospital (KPH) serves the general public and inmates as patients. It is a 60-bed hospital with two operating suites, gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology, lab and dental. By the first of February 2014, leadership hopes to be able to provide X-ray and toxicology services, too. They are uniquely focused to provide a gender based violence program as well as post-mortem and DNA testing to assist with evidence for criminal cases. KPH now has a new wing under construction that will add 97 beds for a total of 157 beds and they will begin to offer in-patient services for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics as well as have a comprehensive emergency department.  The hospital’s leadership has a vision to become a referral hospital that provides specialized health services at an international level. The team hopes to help them achieve that by reviewing services and plans under development, including a building currently under construction and programs, like gender based violence recovery and prevention.

Here are some photos from Kacyiru. We hope you enjoy them!