Q&A with Jim Gebhart

Final reports are underway and we’ve had some time to wrap our heads around what we learned and what’s next. Here’s a quick Q&A with Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City President – and visionary for Mercy 4 Ubuzima, Jim Gebhart.Image

What was the most common finding from the hospital visits?
No question, the common finding was the dedication and spirit of the doctors, administrators and staff we met. Each of the teams reported how much potential their hospital had, and what incredibly intelligent and invested people worked there. They’re doing a lot of good in Kigali, but they’re limited by resources. Equipment and ongoing education seemed to be the most immediate concerns.

How did the leaders and staff of the hospitals you visited react?
We were overwhelmed at how warmly we were received. They treated us like family and even took us to lunch and hosted us in their homes. We continue to communicate with them, as we talk about next steps for our organizations.

What’s next for Mercy 4 Ubuzima?
Our last days in Rwanda, we presented some overarching themes of our findings to hospital leadership. But, we didn’t get into specific details and recommendations. That’s what we’re doing now. Each team is compiling an executive summary and 50 summary reports for each of the criteria in the Joint Commission International Essentials of Health Care Quality and Patient Safety, which we used to “survey” the hospitals we visited. We’ll send those reports to hospital leaders and Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, and see how we can help close any gaps we found.


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