Kacyiru Police Hospital

(L to R) Laurie Weathers, Cindy Carmichael, Cathy Dirickson, RN, Dr. Adam Cotton and Eric Pianalto visited Kacyiru Police Hospital in Kigali.

The Kacyiru Police Hospital (KPH) serves the general public and inmates as patients. It is a 60-bed hospital with two operating suites, gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology, lab and dental. By the first of February 2014, leadership hopes to be able to provide X-ray and toxicology services, too. They are uniquely focused to provide a gender based violence program as well as post-mortem and DNA testing to assist with evidence for criminal cases. KPH now has a new wing under construction that will add 97 beds for a total of 157 beds and they will begin to offer in-patient services for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics as well as have a comprehensive emergency department.  The hospital’s leadership has a vision to become a referral hospital that provides specialized health services at an international level. The team hopes to help them achieve that by reviewing services and plans under development, including a building currently under construction and programs, like gender based violence recovery and prevention.

Here are some photos from Kacyiru. We hope you enjoy them!


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