Muhima Hospital

(L to R) Jamie Campbell, RN, Reagan Hightower, RN, Muhima CNO Bosco, Eric Pianalto, Pam Spanbauer, RN, Dr. Don Rahhal and HRH Nurse Mentor April, RN, spent time together at Muhima Hospital in Kigali.Image

Muhima is a 128-bed hospital specializing in gynecology and neonatology. There were 7,900 deliveries in 2012. This hospital oversees eight functional health centers, a clinic specializing in HIV and lab testing and one clinic at the central prison in Kigali. There are an additional two health centers scheduled to open summer 2013. Muhima is the training site for all medical schools and schools of nursing and midwifery and in Rwanda. Human Resources for Health Program, a health care training program through the Rwanda Ministry of Health, is involved in the training and curriculum and has one midwife from the U.S. who is mentoring students at Muhima. The Mercy 4 Ubuzima  team was quick to notice the passion Muhima’s staff has for caring for the women and babies at Muhima. The biggest challenge seemed to be the volume of patients considering the number of staff. The team is looking forward to helping Muhima leadership find staffing and education solutions, in addition to other improvements.

We hope you enjoy these photos we snapped at Muhima!


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