Rwanda Military Hospital

(L to R) Dr. Jeff Reames, Jessica Williams, Trisha Ponds, RN, and Bill Peterson visited Rwanda Military Hospital in Kigali.


Rwanda Military Hospital is a 350-bed hospital that provides the general public and military personnel with general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, emergency medicine, medical imaging (they’re completing a building ready to house a 64-slice CT scanner), orthopedics, intensive care radiology and Prepex. The Prepex Center is probably the most unique aspect of this hospital. The Prepex Center focuses on circumcision of male youth and some adults to improve the reproductive health of men in Rwanda. Leaders at Rwanda Military Hospital want to be the best quality tertiary care provision in the country, providing quality health for the general public, security personnel and high government officials in the country and beyond. Rwanda Military Hospital also works with HRH, who has a nurse mentor from the U.S. focused on development of the hospital’s intensive care unit. The team reported the hospital has made huge strides in its intensive care facilities, equipment and practices. The hospital has many areas under construction and the team sees opportunities to offer input during construction that will provide the best possible facility for quality care.

Here are some photos we took during our time at Rwanda Military Hospital. We hope you enjoy!



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