First report from the Steering Committee for Mercy4ubuzima

A group of 6 of us traveled to Kigali. We will be joined by Di Smalley and Mike O’Neil later in the week.

Sunday we attended church as guests of the Vice Mayor Hope Tumukunde at the Christian Life Assembly Church. The church has a large congregation; we attended the second service at which there were about 1500 members present. We could see immediately why the attendance was so large. The powerful service was conducted in English, and the music was truly wonderful and inspirational. They had a visiting choir from an Anglican church with which they have a very good relationship. The Anglican choir sang Hallelujah in both English and kinyarwanda. The pastor’s message was one of the best any of us have ever heard. His delivery was filled humorous and moving, and this message eloquently demonstrated the scripture that the sermon was based upon.

After church we met as a group to finalize plans for Monday, which will be primarily devoted to re-connecting with the four hospitals we surveyed last year by visiting each of them. We are very excited to revisit these hospitals and to continue our mission here.

Below are photos of our group at at the Hotel Serena in Kigali, our group outside the church, and of choir performing at the church.

Check back with our blog soon for updates on our activities and progress in Kigali!



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